Philip and Olga Orlova spoke in support of her husband Jasmine

Singer Jasmine who has recently become mother for the third time, is now experiencing not the best times. Beloved husband of the actress, and part-time mayor is a Moldovan town of Orhei Ilan Shor was arrested by the Moldovan authorities on charges of money laundering and fraud.

Recently it became known that the original taking men into custody for 72 hours extended. And now Ilan will be in jail for 30 days, pending an investigation.

On his page in Instagram Jasmine wrote that he hoped for a positive outcome of the situation, also noted that shore had previously been in custody, but then guilt men or to be involved in it to some financial crimes was not proven. This time, says singer, should also occur.

While Jasmine is going through, her friends and colleagues strongly support and soothe.

The Network was even launched flashmob with the hashtag #freeShor, already joined Olga Orlova and Philip.

So, Orlov called the most honest way to understand the situation and posted this post in his account in Instagram: “Friends! I want to Express my concern over the situation that has developed around my friend Ilan Shor, the husband of my friend Jasmine. If I read the residents of Moldova, I beg to support! Justice must follow the law. Really in Moldova it is administered not on the basis of evidence and facts, and to meet several media? Why arrest the man who fled from the country, showed exemplary behavior and actively cooperated during the investigation, was at all the hearings, gave evidence. We all know how professionally Ilan Shor has shown itself in Orhei as mayor. There people are guided by registered articles, they respect and appreciate him for what he has done for them! Ilan, you’re strong, I know! You have to fight injustice! You supported us, your friends! Believe you people! You waiting for your family! #freeShor”.

The same way I went to the Philip – the king of the national stage posted a photo with the hashtag and accompanied it with the comment: “I’ve always believed that guilt can only be determined by the court, not the hype that sometimes the hype around famous people. I hope that the appropriate law enforcement authorities of the Republic of Moldova will behave as it should be in a legal state. Ilan Shor is cooperating with the investigation, is evidence of his innocence and, especially, not trying to hide from justice.”

It is fair to say that not everyone liking that kind of support. Many fans of Olga Orlova criticized her, catching that at the situation it looks biased and through the lens of familiarity and even friendship and Jasmine.


Source: instagram.com, cosmo.ru
Photo: instagram.com, cosmo.ru

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