Phil of Kostolomov told how at the time used the Lily Cetraro to meet their needs

However, Kostolomov Lily had completely different plans. In recognition of guy, he never considered Chetraru as a girl for long term serious relationship. However, at that time he had no alternatives Lilies and so, for lack of a better, he was forced to engage in the affair with her, according to the site life-dom2.su.

Moreover, now, after leaving the project, Kostruba no secret that Lily used solely for the purpose of satisfaction of their male needs. However, the young man does not see anything wrong with that, because for Chetraru he was the only “pill from Zachariase”.

“What’s so surprising? How many couples of former or currently existing, who do not pursue goals just to have fun or to benefit from their Union? Full!” – the audience wrote “House 2”.