Phil Kostruba told about their shortcomings

Hello, guys. I say, tell us a little about yourself! And saw a good review about “cons”, well here you go! Continue to slowly tell you about myself… As in my opinion, I think their outs of the following items. I’m very, very stubborn. Can easily abandon people. Learned to live without emotions. Can sometimes impose their views, without even realizing it. Harsh in communication. If anything I don’t like, I always say, that is I can not remain silent. Sometimes annoying. Can not long be angry with the person. Sometimes laziness prevails for me. When a problem arises, I immediately want to understand it, and do it, despite the fact that the second party need to move away from emotions and at the moment he doesn’t want to deal with the situation. Sometimes he can “think through” the situation. When you tell a person no, begin to make excuses why not, and Yes. So in my opinion, so to speak, the flaws! PS Now I will highlight the interesting comments and questions, and their topics will make a post!