Phil Kostruba said, what should be his “perfect girl”

Well, let’s go. Noted the comment about “the perfect girl”. For me, it is important that the girl was honest and open, liked to talk and solve problems, not to close up, I incredibly appreciate women’s wisdom, an example of when she realizes where you want to remain silent, and where the contrary to say! Sense of humor should be an integral part of It, it is important that our interests were similar, and that, for example, a love of travel and music… My ideal girl needs to be stylish, and she must love shopping. And let her be a little cranky, this should be in every girl! But most importantly, it needs to be a partner for life! Reliable back, because behind every successful and strong man, it is no less a strong woman. In General from history, “if we stay together and will fight against the whole world, I’ll shoot and it give ammunition”. And Yes, as far as looks go, she needs to love yourself, be well-groomed and take care of yourself, because the hardest job is to work on yourself!