Phil Kostruba answered questions about his life before project

Receive a lot of questions about my life outside the perimeter. Fit all in one post. Do you have a education? Yes, received a diploma degree in management (according to branches). Also, besides the fact that I am a member, I have my favorite. Which includes the organization of events of any complexity. And in General worked in very different fields, such as: the restaurant business and club industry, customs clearance, trade. Took me a long time to ensure that work transferred to the phone. And only when I was able to do it, I decided to go for the project.

Besides work, I love the music. I listen to everything. You can come to the party, just so they can listen to high-quality the correct music. Love sports, play football in the championship CAO. Unfortunately I quit hockey, as due to injury he could not recover to their peak form, and I will accept nothing less. Love spending time in the gym, and one. Not so often, as do many of my friends, but I try to keep in shape.

Not long ago, I absorbed the tattoo industry, there are even plans to open with the companion project in this area. Thanks to ex-girlfriend became fascinated with psychology, not scientific, but everyday, and I can say that became a bookworm. Very helpful in life.

Well, probably the most favorite is traveling, You can see pics in my profile from different countries. I love the atmosphere of the airport. There is a desire to travel the world. And I will do it. Madly in love with children. I love animals. Here is a small summary!