Petrovskaya mother of God

Every image of the virgin — the subject of much reverent veneration among the Orthodox people. Petrovskaya mother of God — no exception. From the most ancient times she was revered as miraculous, and to help it used even powerful rulers.

Petrovskaya mother of God became famous due to its author, Metropolitan of Kiev and all Russia, Peter. He lived in the XIII century. The Holy image of the virgin is miraculous and venerated by all Orthodox people. The image of the blessed virgin prayers of intercession and change lives for the better.

History of the icon

Called the Shrine named after its Creator — Peter. Metropolitan Peter was still wearing the rank of Abbot, when he wrote of this icon. He gave the Shrine to Metropolitan Maxim, who drove her to Vladimir, painted gold and adorned with precious stones. Metropolitan Maxim kept the icon in his chambers, and daily indulged before her prayers.

Petrovskaya mother of God did many miracles. It kept to himself during the campaigns of the kings. For example, the Patriarch job was taken when the Holy things are blessed in the reign of Boris Godunov. The icon was present at religious processions and stood at the tomb of the Saint Russia, Peter. In the annals of the icon writing as “reviving”. Many a time she saved Moscow from the attacks of enemies. Shortly about the miraculous properties of the Petrovskaya Mother of God icon recognized around the world. Before the Shrine praying Christians from around the world and for Orthodox people, the Shrine has become one of the most revered and popular icons of the virgin.

Where is the miraculous image

Peter the icon of the Mother of God can be found in many Russian churches. The most revered and is known for its wonders are stored in the Kaluga and the monastery in the town of Kirillov to Kirillov monastery.

Description of the icon

The style of iconography is one of the favorite types of writing Theotokos icons, the name of which is “Tenderness”. To the authorship of Metropolitan Peter considers another well-known icon of the Vladimir icon of the virgin, as evidenced by the visible similarities in the writing.

Before the eyes of a praying virgin appears majestically. She is depicted on the belt. On Her hand written Holy Infant. The virgin Mary with the infant Jesus painted in the mirror, what makes the relic unique and sets it apart from Vladimir. On Peter the icon of the mother of God embraces the Savior’s left hand and the other hand points to him, showing that He is the true Savior.

What helps Petrovsky way

Petrovskaya mother of God is a symbol of rebirth. She healed and helped many Orthodox people. The image of the virgin has saved the Russian cities from the enemies. Before the Shrine the Christians asking the mother of a happy family life without quarrels and troubles. Women, whose grief is the infertility, praying before the icon of the imminent birth of children. The wonderworking icon cures many diseases and helps women to cope with the heavy labor.

The date for the celebration

Festival of the Shrine falls on August 24 (September 6, new style).

Prayer before the miraculous icon

“O glorious virgin, Queen of Heaven, Guardian of all Christians! I pray to You and remember all Thy works godly on earth sinners! Hear us, Mary! Become the patroness of our land, our home, our country! Save us from the attacks of the enemy, flood, fire, war and hunger! Heal disease and forgive us our sins! Before You on my knees we, Holy virgin! Be the intercessor for our children, not give offense to them. Strengthen our spirit and our faith! Deliver us from the temptations of worldly. Be near us in moments of grief and fear. Glorify and praise You, virgin most pure! In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit. Forever And Ever. Amen.”

Every home should be a place for the Petrovskaya Mother of God. After all, the Church is a genuine and powerful patroness of family happiness, well-being and prosperity. Don’t hesitate to ask in difficult times to help the virgin. She will listen to everyone and help. The main thing that your request was sincere and was not contrary to the commandments of the Lord. We wish you strong faith and spiritual harmony. Take care of yourself