Petersburgers will be able to listen to classical music in the Botanical garden

18,19, 20 August at 21.00 in the Botanical garden (ul Professora Popova, 2) will be open air concerts of classical music project’s SUMMER MUSIC PARK, which will become an annual event. Performed “A Tempo Orchestra” sounds of the tango and Piazzolla’s “the seasons” Vivaldi. As well as the world premiere of for cello “tango fantasy” St. Petersburg composer Alexey Krasheninnikov based on the popular melodies of Astor Piazzolla. Soloists of the Symphony orchestra of the Mariinsky theatre, laureate of international competitions — Dmitry Ganenko (cello), conductor: Anton Gakkel.

The August summer cool, white nights on end, the music of Piazzolla and Vivaldi, what could be better than such a romantic evening? The audience has the opportunity to walk along the paths of the Botanical when it is closed and full of secrets, and listen to a concert of popular classics performed by one of the youngest but already successful orchestra “A Tempo Orchestra”, and its members are young musicians of the Mariinsky theatre and the St. Petersburg Philharmonic.

Three centuries divide these two composers. The Italian Antonio Vivaldi wrote his famous cycle of violin concertos in 1725, a total of 230. If you hear a cycle of Vivaldi, you will always remember the seasons are different, not the usual order, namely starting in the spring. In “spring” is easy to hear or see a bird, a brook, a thunderstorm; in the “summer” — a grove of trees under the hot sun; autumn is the picture of the hunt and the joy of harvest; winter is not only prickly wind, but also the comfort of home.

Continuation of the program — work of the Argentine Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992). He recently gained prominence in the culture, but its success durable and well-deserved. Piazzolla have much in common with Vivaldi, the same fertility and the same dedication to one instrument — the bandoneon (a type of accordion) and one genre _ tango. He has written more than two thousand, and they provided the Argentinian composer wide popularity. In the program of SUMMER MUSIC PARK tango Piazzolla in the treatment of Alexey Krasheninnikov, first performed the cello (soloist Dmitry Ganenko). Music Park is waiting for its listeners.