Petersburg waiting for a holiday romance with a length of three weeks

October 19 in concert hall “October” in the 20-th time will host the traditional gala concert “Holiday romance “Petersburg autumn””. Permanent project Manager is the Chairman of the Fund “Petersburg romance” Galina Kovzel. In 1998, during the period of default, when many artists left with almost no concerts, were forced to work in restaurants or to go abroad, she decided to gather in the Big concert hall “October” 25 best performers and combine them in the most warm and soulful genre of romance.

In the first Holiday romance was attended by such masters of the genre like Alla Bayanova, Edward boxer, Vitali Korotaev, Rubina Kalantaryan, Valentina Ponomareva, Victor Krivonos, Oleg Pogudin, Evgeny Dyatlov, Vitaly Psarev, Taisia Kalinchenko, Mikhail Lukonin, Ivan Besedin, Sergey Rybin, Svetlana Mudretsova and many others. Gala concert called the spectator boom. “October” the hall was filled to capacity. The holiday was, and since then he with the same success each fall, gathers all fans of the genre of romance. Live sound, accompanied by a Symphony orchestra in one concert to hear eminent artists and talented young artists, finally, an intimate atmosphere and diverse repertoire of the best, nostalgic and contemporary romances and lyrical songs which annually attract thousands of listeners. The 20 years of the red string included in the General history of St Petersburg romance that has its own sound, the content, aesthetics, and represented by the names of legendary performers Anastasia Vyaltseva, Fyodor Chaliapin, Vadim Kozin, Valeria Agafonova, composers Andrei Petrov, Isaac Schwartz, Veniamin Basner, whose traditions continue and develop the modern St. Petersburg holidays romances.

In the anniversary gala concert on October 19 will participate famous artists, stars of the Russian and Petersburg singer Elena Vaenga, Sergey Rogozhin, Irina Krutova (Moscow), Alexander Oleshko (Moscow), Mikhail Lukonin, Irina Mataeva Olga Lozova, Andrew Kosinski, winners of the competition “Spring of romance” Anna Malyshev, Sergey dudinskiy (Moscow), Evgeny Yuzhin, Anton Avdeev, Alain Bikkulova, Natalia Mikhailova, Maria Golik, Malika razakova (Moscow), Sofia, Onopchenko (Moscow), Alexander Lunegov, Dmitry Kovzel, the Dinar of baitemirov, Vadim Permyakov, Andrey Bykovskiy, Yuri Onufrienko, Ilya Rimar, and others. A good tradition was accompanied by a symphonic orchestra under control of Yury Krylov, specially to every concert says more new scores of forgotten romances and lyrical songs. Host of the concert by tradition, will Nikolai Pozdeev and Anna Malysheva.

Holiday romances in the concert hall “October” — a bright culmination of the Days of Romance, which will be held in St. Petersburg from 5 to 27 October. In concert halls around the city — the Palace of culture. Of the Leningrad city Council, CDC, “Trinity”, CDC “Moscow” in the halls of the seaside, Petrograd, Frunze, Saint Petersburg Krasnogvardeisky districts, the Museum of theatre and music — will be held a charity concert for socially vulnerable segments of the population — the disabled, pensioners, veterans, blokadnikov, students. They will be able to listen to the best samples of classical and modern songs performed by popular entertainers and musical theatres, as well as laureates of the contest “Spring of romance”.

The Fund “Petersburg romance” is actively working to preserve the unique cultural traditions of the genre and the transfer of the execution of the romance of the new generations. Every year our city hosts the St. Petersburg competition of young performers and of authors of “Spring of romance” Holidays romance “Petersburg autumn” in the concert hall “October”, which are the significant events in the cultural life of St. Petersburg.


1. Gala concert “Petersburg autumn” in DK. City Council — city of 05.10.2017

2. The concert “Two roses” at the rehabilitation Centre of Kalininsky district — 17.10.2017 G.

3. The concert”Romance eternal breath”VdK them. V. A. Shelgunov — 21.10.2017 G.

4. The concert “Romance, tears, and love” in Okhtinsky center of aesthetic education of Krasnogvardeysky district — 22.10.2017 G.

5. The concert “Romance yesterday and today” at the St. Petersburg state Museum of theatrical and musical art — G. 22.10.2017

6. Concert “the Theatrical romance” the Red hall of administration of Primorsky district — 23.10.2017 G.

7. Concert “Modern romance” (I. Schwartz, V. Basner, M. G.) at the Concert hall of Petrogradsky district Administration — 23.10.2017 G.

8. Concert “My soul’s romance” at the Center of culture and leisure “Kirovets” — 24.10.2017 G.

9. Concert “Romances and songs of Andrey Petrov” in the House of youth “Record” of Admiralteysky district — 24.10.2017 G.

10. Concert “Romances and songs of the past century” CDC “Trinity” — 25.10.2017 G.

10. Concert “long Road” in the Big hall of administration of the Frunze area — 25.10.2017 G.

11. The concert “Romance for two — Alla Bayanova and Michael Aptekman” CDC “Moscow” — 26.10.2017 G.

13. The concert “Romance quivering sounds” in the Concert hall of the House of youth of Vasileostrovsky district — 27.10.2017 G.

The entrance to the concerts is by invitation of the district administration.

Tickets for the concert in BKZ “October” — in the theatrical box office in the ticket office of the concert hall “October”. The cost of tickets — from 300 to 1650 RUB.