Pension in 2017 in the news today: an increase in military pensions for working pensioners and, when

Working pensioners seem to have become accustomed to receive a pension without regular allowances. However, the interest to the question of the possibility of the return of indexation of pensions – not reduced. And now, good news indicate that recently passed a long-awaited promotion.

Starting in August 2017 working pensioners will receive pensions at a higher rate as a result of adjustment, which produces the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation.

Unlike traditional indexation of pensions, when their sizes increase by a certain percentage, the increase to pension is of a purely individual nature, its size depends not only on the level of wages of working pensioners, but also on its age.

That is, the longer a citizen is retired, the less the number of years which will share the amount paid for his contributions, resulting in an increase to pension will be more.

“Bezzabotny recalculation of the insurance part of labour pension are eligible recipients of pensions for old age, disability for whom their employers in the past year and/or in the first quarter of 2017 accrued and paid insurance premiums,” said the FIU.

Working pensioners since 2010, there is no need to come every year to the territorial bodies of the FIU. Increase the size of the insurance part of labour pension taking into account the amount of premiums paid by their employers in 2016 and the first quarter of 2017, are produced annually in July in pizzaville order, recalled in the Fund.

From 1 August 2017, about 14 million working pensioners will receive an increase of pension. Its size depends on wages and employer contributions and the maximum can reach 222 of the ruble. Experts criticize the point system of calculating pensions and is called “mocking” such a premium.

The maximum increase in 2016 is limited to the cost of the three pension credits in cash. As each score was worth last year 74,27 of the ruble, the majority of working pensioners the increase will amount to just over 222 rubles.

Military retirees, constituting an impressive stratum of the population of Russia, noted that the existing information space of the reports that their financial situation is much better, than other pensioners, that it is not. They, like everyone else, need regular support from the state, which should be expressed in a systematic indexation of pension benefits.

The criteria for the payment of military pension to every soldier are the same, then the right to receive it is every soldier and some members of his family, with particularly emphasis on the fact that you can get it after reaching 20 years of service, that is, in fact, a pensioner can be considered even a person who just turned 40 years old.

Naturally, there are some conditions for obtaining this monetary allowances, because the value has the form of military service and rank, so more information on this issue from the representatives of the Pension Fund.

Moreover, sometimes the person retires before the deadline because of a disability, but for the fact that it contained the state must prove that the injury was received at the moment of service, and that in modern conditions is quite problematic task, because of the hospital to a not, and another way to fix the injury just impossible.

Relatively recently, the authorities introduced some changes to the system of calculation of pension payments, according to which now wants to get to must so that their size was proportional to the amount that the person received during the last 5 business years (separately to this payout can be counted by the allowance for good service).

By itself, this news is good, but recently it became known, the authorities decided that military pensions from 1 January 2017 in Russia will further increase (1-2% and that is excluding bonus payments and surcharges), so to celebrate there is that.

Of course, the reason for joy is, but it is worth saying that military pensions are, frankly, in 1,5-2 times exceeds pension payments ordinary doctors or teachers, so to complain about the retirees no reasons.