Pelageya did not watch the show “the Voice” for two years

Widely known Russian singer Pelageya, who became a regular guest of the TV program “Evening Urgant”, told the TV host about his attitude to the show “the Voice”. As it turned out, a former member of the jury of the project for two years not watching new releases “native project”.


Talking with Ivan Urgant, Pelagia has received from the presenter a question about his current attitude to the show “the Voice”. According to the singer, she is very tired from this project at a time, as was one of his judges. As a result, currently the Pelagia absolutely no desire to watch new releases of “Voice”.

The singer also told how was her life for the past two years. During this time, the star of domestic show-business have time to get married and have a baby. At the moment, Pelagia is ready to return to the show since the beginning to miss him. Besides talented singer, chair of the jury will also return the executor Dima Bilan, Alexander Gradsky, Leonid Agutin.

Show “the Voice” is one of the most popular entertainment programs on Russian television. Currently has completed five seasons, but his high ratings have allowed producers to continue Shemot.