Pauline favorskaya published a Nude photo vacation

Pauline favorskaya, a member of the group “Silver”, has published a naked picture to Instagram. In the comments the star shared with fans their experiences from the holiday.


The photo was taken in beautiful white tub in the window where you can see exotic trees – an integral symbol of Cambodia, where the soloist is resting. She favorskaya sitting on my lap in a round tub and covers her Breasts with hands.

Under the photo of Pauline also spoke about his impressions of the rest. Now she’s rested and ready for new challenges.

Fans warmly received the photo and praised the star’s shape. However, some fans alarmed by some words of Tabor. Earlier it became known that Olga Seryabkina – other soloist of “Silver” is back from vacation early, and some suspected her exit from the group and start solo career. And now Pauline favorskaya says that she’s “clean slate” and now thinks “it would be to write”. On these rumors, the star has yet to respond.