Pauline favorskaya decisions are made quickly

The soloist of the band “Serebro” has frankly told about his personal life

Pauline favorskaya on his official page in Instagram shared biography. And she, judging by the Frank story of a girl, despite her young age, was the soloist of “Serebro” is quite violent. A young lady from an early age learned to take responsibility for their own destiny. So, in 12 years she decided to switch schools to a more “strong” and prestigious, not fearing to break with her old friends, but hoping to find a new one.

“At the end of the first year, I flew to the United States. There she found a 2 work”, — says the girl. “And work on an amazing journey through California!” (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. Znamenitka).

Pauline said, interrupting his studies at the Institute, for the opportunity to participate in the show, though, “went on the red diploma”. In the end, the UNIVERSITY is “excellent” for her to finish failed. The girl several times radically changed his life, including personal.

“From the previous guy I went nowhere. Just realised that it’s not the same”, — says Polina. “We are at an impasse — and in the creative and moral. So I did a step that was necessary for both of us”.

As a result of this separation favorskaya a few months was forced to live with friends until earned her first apartment on the outskirts of Moscow, and now she lives almost in the center.

“I always go for the heart. Do you feel that it is necessary to change something, think very little and act”, — she shares the secret of his success. “If you think too long, always come out of doubts and fears.”