Paulina Andreeva openly spoke about his personal life – 24???

Actress Paulina Andreeva told the host of the program “2 WERNICK 2” about his childhood. According to the woman, in the first place for it has always been family, informs “Mail Lady”.

According to the actress, her life was a difficult period, as daring and capricious nature are often not allowed to implement his plan. According to Paulina, she “escaped from St. Petersburg to prove to the world that can be better.”

Also the representative of the Russian cinema said that the image of the lyrical heroine not approached her already in the second year of the School-Studio MXAT. Initially, the teachers took Andreev exclusively on the role of a romantic girl.

The woman admitted that she loves to write poetry, but do not read them, even her lover, film Director Fyodor Bondarchuk.

Paulina Andreeva and Fedor Bondarchuk | Grazia “Want me to have a happy family. Profession comes next,” said Andreev.

Earlier in mass media it was reported that Andreev and Fyodor broke up. Soon the couple appeared together at the premiere screening of the film “Hostage”, proving that the rumors were groundless.