Patrick Dempsey raised the price of the house

Happy family nest is more expensive. Western media reported that the star of the show “grey’s Anatomy” actor Patrick Dempsey and his wife Jillian raised the price for the exposed real estate market house in Pacific Palisades 6 to $ 8 million. And why not – they now do not rush to get rid of the property.

Recall that the house was for sale, Gillian a year ago, six months after he filed for divorce. Even reconciled, the husband and the wife took the house off the market. Despite the fact that the house has enough space – six bedrooms, five bathrooms, a spacious living room, swimming pool and many other things, the house still sell. Recently it became known that Patrick and Jillian, are raising three children, are planning another baby.
On the reunification of spouses became known in October last year, when Patrick and Jillian noticed on the streets of the city of love Paris. The couple not only walked on the beautiful streets of the French capital, but also danced to the music of street performers.

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