Participants of the project hardly has not engaged in “magic” in front of everyone

However, few could imagine that in the announcement of the future broadcast of the men’s bedroom will be similar to the site for the filming of an adult film. The audience was horrified and outraged when Anastasia balinsky and Alexey Kudryashov was almost engaged in “magic” in front of their colleagues. And although ultimately they were constrained from doing so, many seem strange so hideous and permissiveness behavior, the website life-dom2.su.

Now an ardent antiphonary controversial reality show require its immediate closure. According to the last show like in the air too much. But if it goes on, on the basis of “House 2” can be removed**about movies. For ethical reasons we do not publish this video.

“You would think that such personnel did not have before. What are the vulnerable eyes of the audience, for God’s sake. Which is easier – do NOT look. Who makes you stare at screens?”, “One vulgarity and debauchery!” – wrote the audience of the TV project “House 2”.