Participant of the “New idol” Daniil Ruvinskiy: “I didn’t mean to offend Buzova”

The aspiring artist never ceases to amaze viewers a vivid and memorable rooms. Comments on Vladislav Kurasov said “StarHit” about the notorious speech by Nastasya Samburski and relationship to Olga Buzova, as well as about the everyday life in the Star house and ideal second half.

Four years ago comments on Vladislav Kurasov participated in the Ukrainian show “X-Factor”. Mentor a teenager was Irina Dubtsova. Now 18-year-old Xena lives in Moscow and tries his hand at television show on the channel MUZ-TV “New idol.” Last week Daniel has surprised viewers with a joint room with Nastasya Samburski. The artists protested against the plywood. Many felt that the actress portrayed the movements of Olga Buzova with the aim to condemn it. Xena said “StarHit” about their goals for the project, with respect to the soundtrack and dream girl.

— Dan, you’re well-known for the program “X-Factor” in Ukraine, but decided to go to Moscow and applied for the “New Factory of stars”. Why?Yes, I already had experience of participation in the show and a minimum experience of fame, but I realized that even though Ukraine and the home country, but for me it’s small. I wanted to try their hand here. I would like to expand their opportunities, and “New Star Factory” – very cool show. I feel I can take much more. Moreover, when I participated in the “X-Factor”, I was only 14 years old. — What do you expect from participation in the project?Since I already have the experience, I realize that self-promotion does not work – these fans today and gone tomorrow. Still the majority of viewers will watch the next “Factory” and look for new idols. So it was, at least in the previous show, in which I participated. So my main goal of a project is the acquaintance with a very cool and talented people, I’m talking about Victor Jakovlevich Drobysh and the parties that inspire me. All who work with us – just incredible people, I am very glad that we met. And, of course, knowledge and skills: choreography, speech technology, speech artists, production, recording and communication. We are even taught to give an interview. In General, the program is literally a star factory.— Producing artists on an Assembly line?The fact of the matter is that we are not punched. I was worried that we begin to impose something, to fit the standards, and there is no such, we have complete freedom of choice. For example, if you want to be a rock-n-Rolston, so be it, you have no limits. And another project give strong support for the development of themselves and their image. We work with professionals and they can better know what color to dye your hair, how to dress, what song better to sing in the nomination. All this is very helpful and absolutely goes against our desires. — What was the reaction of family to your decision to participate in the casting? You also had to leave their homes for the sake of “Factory”. At age 14 I moved from a 50-thousand city (Daniel was born in Podolsk, located in Odessa region. – Ed.) in Kiev. And it was this extreme. And now I am already in conscious age. Friends wished me luck and said, “If you pass, it will be very cool, come on, broaden your horizons!” But my father, who always supported me, said, “Maybe you shouldn’t go and you’ll reconsider?” Then I only had $ 100 in his pocket, and it was necessary for them to live. I stood before a choice – either spend that amount on the road and going to the unknown, or stay at home. Plus on the day of the casting I have planned two corporate. By the way, my girlfriend was also against. On reflection, we decided that we will cope, but eventually broke up before the start of the project. However, I did not regret that chose “Factory”. It happens – to get something you need from something to give. — How do you live in the Star house, where everywhere are cameras? Admit it, you can go crazy if you imagine that there’s someone watching.I’m used to life in the Star house and get pleasure from it. Provided that surveillance is like the security cameras in the store. Try not to pay attention to them.— What are your relationships with other “manufacturers”? Good. We had a little misunderstanding with the Danilevsky namesake Tributes, but it’s fine now, we got used to each other, know who and what can “give”. I never humiliated or anything, we just did two Tribute, but completely different. Now we have been able to find a common language. Yeah, we’re not best friends, but very exactly relate to each other. I’m glad we have no offense, and the peaceful atmosphere in the team. Over time, we begin to get used to each other… the Only thing in the house a big problem with the washing-up – boys clean up after themselves, and the girls no, for me it’s weird. Don’t want to say anything against the ladies, apparently, they’re just very creative. — As with any of the guys you want to communicate?One person can not distinguish. I’m good talking with Andrew, Elman, Rada, Zina. I find in other guys is something that inspires me, and what I can learn. Of course, in each of the “factory” has its disadvantages, and I got a million of them, but everyone has a certain panache, zest. We can’t talk about your sensational room with Nastasya Samburski. Whose idea was it, how is it to work with a star?It was my song. I turned her, Viktor Yakovlevich, and he said, “So, we are doing it with Nastasya Samburski”. Our Director made up a story with zombies. Nastassja is very cool man, it must be able to understand. If you look at it through “Instagram” or on TV, it may seem that she is a little bitchy, contradictory, or simply not yourself. But really, it’s deep and wise person, it’s just this way. When we went to the Studio, we started talking and I much discovered. Therefore, the Nastasia I love, and speak with her was a pleasure. She sings well, she has a very cool tone, such folk, folklore, otsuchi. I wish Nastasia luck. — The Internet is a video in which you sing this song with some girl. Yes, I’ve met her before. We recorded this track, but I don’t know where it came online… I think the duet song needs to fulfill two artists. And this song was perfect Nastasya Samburski. — And you didn’t feel jealousy, it’s your nominantka song? Many wondered why you didn’t get to sing it from beginning to end, not allowed to reveal. Some said that you didn’t use your opportunity to Express yourself, others that you specifically gave such a powerful, well-known artist. How did you react to this Duo? I do not support these views. I just think that the duet song needs to fulfill two artists. And it was a perfect fit Nastasya Samburski. And it was not in order to “pull” me with a cool artist. Anyway, I would sing himself or not, vote guys. — How do you feel about the fact that the actors use the soundtrack? It is because of your Duo was a scandal, and Nastasya Samburski slightly went to Olga Buzova. I believe that the artist can lip-sync when there’s a tele or not permitting the apparatus, for example, in some morning shows. I was on such transfers where the microphone is in principle not included, it just for the view. But if the contractor is performing a concert or some events, he and the artist to sing live and not just to open his mouth. A little disappointing when you pay money for a ticket and want to see how singer works, not pretend. So we touched on this subject, wanted to mess with. Nastasia sang in the finger, and then made the same movement. We didn’t want to get personal and finger-pointing, this idea was not, we just took this movement because it perfectly matched the room. Well, Yes, there was a hint of Olga Buzova, but if it will come out and give a concert live, then I’ll write a big post about what we shouldn’t have taken such a move. But Buzova as a particular artist is not concerned, and affects everything that happens in General. We wanted to take this as a joke, not to offend anyone.— Let’s end on a lyrical note. Tell me what girls you like?If to speak in General terms, my girl should be beautiful, smart, and, strange as it may seem, but at the same time and cunning. For some reason I love foxes.— You’re cunning, I’m afraid that someday you will outwit?I really like when there’s mystery and surprise, and how would it absurd sound, I like the competition. I don’t like when girls phlegmatic, and no matter what she is beautiful was, for me, it’s right there. At the same time, I can’t say that they are able to fall in love with a girl, having all the important qualities for me, at first glance. I think that first you need to talk and spend time together.