Participant of “New idol” Guzel Khasanova: “I miss you baby”

The budding actress said about the behind the scenes of the show MUZ-TV. In recognition Guzel Hasanova, first it was very difficult to live in the Star house. Then the singer helped Anya moon. Over time, Guzel managed to make friends with other guys and to win the sympathies of Viktor Drobysh.

24-year-old native of Ulyanovsk Guzel Khasanova studied at the law faculty of lung named after Gubkin. In the fourth year she realized that he wanted to devote his life to music. Behind the aspiring artist – participation in the Ukrainian project “X-Factor” (Guzel was ward Ivan Dorn), and now it conquers the “New idol” of the channel MUZ-TV. The singer did not hide his feelings for Nikita Kuznetsov, which was recently criticized by viewers. “StarHit” asked Hasanova about how she relates to the young rapper, with Victor Drobysh and the support of parents.

— Do you miss the Ulyanovsk?Moscow has become my home town, I am here for the eighth year. I first visited the capital in seven years and realized that going to school here. I immediately told my mom about it, she laughed. Then when I was going after school to go to University, she was taken aback, scared, but in the end everything went well. I’ll feel comfortable I would like to stay here for life. In the Ulyanovsk go every six months, and that’s enough for me. — How did your parents react to your choice of profession?My mother is a kindergarten teacher and father is a driver. Like many parents, they thought I would get a profession and become live. They wanted me to have a work schedule 5/2, costume and record in the workbook. It was hard for me, I constantly hear questions about when I stop playing and it will all end. There was a big pressure from the family, and while I went to auditions, he was also looking for a job as a lawyer. But really cool that it came out like this: now on the contrary, I support and saying how clever I once showed how to believe in their dreams. I’m glad I inspire someone as an example. The parents finally appreciated me and allowed to sing. — Tell about life in the “New idol.” What difficulties you had to face? The first month was very difficult. I do remember crying a couple of weeks and thought about how to leave the project. I could not find a common language with the boys, but I helped Anya moon. Some time I even no one could communicate except her. Now I even regret it, because we could spend more time. Actually, I “man slow ignition”: I need a lot of time to open up. I confess that now I cry in the toilet much less, but I like to shed a tear: for example, can worry about the song and the image or because of a misunderstanding with the participants. I’m sorry for myself – sometimes that include naughty girl, I want to cry, and my tears no one understands. — What, in your opinion, the hardest part of the project?I think we have good conditions, this also applies to us, and in terms of graphics – all made loyal. It was hard to Wake up early, but I rebuilt his regime, although the first time, literally slept on the go. You were friends with Victor Drobysh?Not immediately. At first I thought Viktor Yakovlevich generally not interested in me. The casting was very worried that will not take me, because I behaved very modestly. Only after the second or third concert of Viktor Drobysh started me to look at and understand what I represent. — Simply whether he is a man?Yeah, he doesn’t like laziness and lack of discipline. He likes it when we they do. If Victor Y. see that a participant is not interested in the room, even in solo, it’s easy to lose his credibility as a creative unit. From my point of view, strict is a compliment. — Do Drobysh Pets?At first I thought Yes, but after enough nominations, I realized that everyone can be a favorite mentor for solo work. Early in the morning Viktor Yakovlevich arrives to rehearsals and nerve-racking. When I recorded the song “Find me” in the Studio, he stayed with me all day and held the hand that the performance was more emotional. I think we are all lucky to have him.— What you had to sacrifice for the sake of participation in the project?Nothing. I yearned for a “Factory” from the first season, and even if held in the profession, it still would have been involved in the project. If something lights up, then it’s all sink or swim. I really are fanatical about what I like. — You are in a relationship?No. I don’t have a young man for about a year and a half. At the age of 15 I had my first serious romance. We are five years dated, even lived together, but at one point I woke up and realized that I feel nothing for him. Now I do not want to enter into a relationship and commit, but I’m amorous man. If I have something hooked, I could blow up… I Will worship the person. I live emotions, and probably put up with it – feelings can inspire my creativity. — Can you say this about your feelings for Nikita Kuznetsov?If I were asked about it two weeks ago, then I would agree. Reason I decided to sing a song nomination with him. I believe that our room was very touching. These feelings appeared something new. But now it is all does not inspire. — You participated in beauty contests. Jealous if your external data other “fabrikantki”?I failed to take the title of “most beautiful” on the project. There was a time when I looked better than they sang. And it was annoying – after all the auditions told me I was beautiful, but not really sing. As a result, I suffer from complexes, but now the opposite is true. I am happy that I am the voice of the project. Men often do you compliment? Yes, but the project is not enough. In the “Factory” I felt the lack of attention from the opposite sex. Someone’s ashamed of me, others see themselves as children. I felt a lack of male energy, although I’ve never used. — Do you have any idols who you’d like to be like?Difficult to answer, as the audience is constantly judging me for the fact that after every duet I confess to all the artists in love. Selfishly eyeing everyone and trying to take away his best. Like Sia is my idol for the supply of material and emotion on stage. I also like Dima Bilan. I sympathize with people who burn their own business and give ourselves to him, while remaining good, bright and clean. — With whom from stars you like to act?With Dima Bilan, this is my favorite room, with Sergey Lazarev, Irina Dubtsova… More really enjoyed working with Alexander Marshal, since it’s my material. I sing pop-rock and for me this is the most easy song in terms of vocals. It was still comfortable to play with Lolita, she is an amazing woman. — And whether you have the rooms with artists whose training was given to you particularly hard? Yes, I can say this about a duet with Nikolai Baskov. I was uncomfortable to sing the song vocally (Guzel Khasanova and Nikolai Baskov presented composition “Well, who told you” – Approx.) and I don’t love myself in the way girls in heels with painted, like a doll’s lips and in a dress with sequins. But in fact, critical of the performances was not. From every room you can make candy.— Do you see yourself as a winner of the project?I’m not going to follow the example of Nikita Kuznetsov and shout: “what do you mean, of course not!” I quite imagine this outcome and I will be to him very happy. Try to do our best on the project. But I can see the winners and the other guys. — What will you do after the “Factory”?The same as before the project – to sing. If you want something and truly believe, then you do it.