Paris Jackson’s twisted new novel

The only daughter of the king of pop Michael Jackson, Paris Jackson, who only recently parted with her boyfriend rocker Michael Snody, introduced the world to the next man. Eighteen-year-old girl was seen in the company of a musician (who else?) Tony Oller.
Paris not to be ashamed to take such a drastic reshuffle of the suitors, and even published a picture with her new boyfriend.

“Inadvertently become the twins” — signed photo of Paris. She and her partner show off their neck of the violin vytatuirovana on them signs.
Recall that recently, Ms. Jackson shocked the world with his statements made in an interview with Rolling Stone. First, she told me that at the age of fourteen she was raped by an unknown man, and because of this, she several times attempted suicide. Secondly, the girl confidently stated that her father Michael Jackson was intentionally killed.
Moreover, Paris claims that her boyfriend Justin Bieber have reason to worry for their own lives, because the promotion company that brought her father to exhaustion, and as a result, early death, now promoting and touring canadian. He has long been looks extremely tired.
But back to our sheep alone Michael Snody. Insiders claim that the lovers broke up during their romantic trip to Paris a few weeks ago.
Then 27-year-old Michael has published their joint photo, where they are depicted standing under the Eiffel tower, and signed it: “I love Paris. Understand what you want”.

But a few days later, Paris came back from the romantic capital of France alone. According to the girl’s friends Snody very bad attitude toward her, and she decided that she had enough. I hope she’s not changed the flea.


Source: http://radaronline.com/
Photo: http://radaronline.com/

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