Paris Jackson is afraid of losing the mother

Daughter of the king of pop Michael Jackson, Paris in despair. She is terribly afraid to lose her mother Debbie Rowe, which lately has deteriorated. The woman desperately struggling with cancer, and, apparently, lost the battle.

57-year-old Debbie is fighting breast cancer for four months, and, as reported by insiders, is completing his earthly Affairs, seeing that death is near. Paris tries to support the mother and not to lose heart, but lately her nerves.
“She’s an incredibly brave girl and stand in the current situation. Paris still grieved the death of dad (Michael Jackson died in 2009 – approx.ed.) afraid I may lose the mother,” said the insider.
Paris emotionally tied to Rowe and convinced that she’s her real mom. Recall that recently in mass media the information appeared that Debbie was only a surrogate mother who bears the children of Michael and protégé of Prince Vanity (she had taken the egg).
The news that Debbie was diagnosed, appeared last summer. Paris then was in a difficult relationship with my mother but now mother and daughter have established a close relationship, and she even came home to help mom during a difficult time.
“I’m a fighter, because you’re a fighter. Love you, mom” wrote Paris on her page under the picture together. Unfortunately, Rowe no longer feels fighter.
“Debbie has had several courses of chemotherapy, but doubts that will handle it. She is preparing for the worst, to death,” said the insider.

Source: http://radaronline.com
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