Paris Jackson had an affair with the new Manager

The only daughter of the king of pop Michael Jackson, Paris spun office romance. 18-year-old girl who only a month ago broke up with his previous boyfriend Michael Snody caught kissing an unknown young man, which, according to the Daily Mail, turned out to be her new Manager Tom Hamilton.

The publication reports that to him Paris owes the rapidly growing modeling career and lucrative contracts.
Recall that with the previous boyfriend miss Jackson met during a visit to alcoholics anonymous. A couple attended therapy just one day after Paris and Michael left the band, stating that they cope with the problem. The girl’s family were concerned and believed that she would go downhill in such company, but Paris showed wisdom and even very much increased over the last year. Contributed to the expulsion of the dope from the head of a teenager and the fatal illness of her mother Debbie Rowe. The woman was diagnosed with cancer, and his daughter, who reluctantly talked to my mother, scared that she might lose the last parent. Paris has supported and continues to support the mother, their relations have improved and become closer. And separation from Michael glad everything from the environment girls. It turned out that he was acting rudely towards Paris, and she ended their romance without regret.

Source: http://radaronline.com
Photo: http://radaronline.com

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