Paris Hilton’s new novel

New year, new boyfriend. On the Mexican coast, where the famous socialite and DJ Paris Hilton spent her new year holidays, the paparazzi managed to capture her new Beau. While journalists make enquiries about the new chosen one of the famous blonde couple enjoys kisses and hugs on the ocean shore.

Recall that the last boyfriend Paris was a multimillionaire, Thomas gross, whom she was going to marry, but with whom she broke up due to busy work schedules. Thomas worked in Switzerland and could not permanently leave his job to ride on the world for the Hilton and listen as she plays her DJ sets, Paris also did not want to leave his job and settle in Switzerland.
In addition, the Hilton was very distressed by the separation from mom and sister, and to carry out weekly 12-hour flight across the ocean, she quickly tired.

Source: http://www.tmz.com
Photo: http://www.tmz.com

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