Parent concerns: Prince William is not getting enough sleep because of the kids

For anybody not a secret that the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is waiting for a third child. So many parental responsibilities it is shifted to Prince William. About how a couple cope with the load in the upbringing of two children, became known during official events.

We will remind that recently it became known that Kate Middleton is pregnant for the third time. The wife of Prince William even refused to perform Royal duties, as long period suffered from severe toxemia. At the moment, the situation has improved, but still the Royal couple of great Britain and two small children to keep track of, so a pair the rest can only dream.

You can only imagine how much load will be added when Kate Middleton in April will give birth to a third child.

But, we all think we have Kate Middleton and Prince William will be all right. By the way, recall that newly pregnant Kate Middleton’s subdued elegance.