Paparazzi have caught Katherine Heigl with her newborn son

Smiling actress Katherine Heigl, star of the popular series “grey’s Anatomy” returns to work. Two months ago the actress gave birth to a son – her first biological child, but on a long maternity leave they does not want to think, moreover, that in his personal and creative life she is now such activity. At the moment she is promoting the show “Doubt” (“Doubt”). Paparazzi caught Kathryn as she headed to filming of the program the Late Late Show with James Korden.

30-year-old Heigl was smiling and happily demonstrated your figure. With her were wife and newborn son, Joshua Kelly Jr., who was sleeping peacefully in the basket-carrying. This was the first public appearance of the baby.

Recall that the career of Katherine after her dismissal from the popular series went downhill. Show “State of Affairs” coming on NBC, quickly closed after the first season, then she was accused of star disease. The actress wanted privacy and tranquility and found it in marriage and raising two adopted girls, Nancy and Adelaide. Pregnancy was for the actress by surprise, especially since her career began to develop. Katherine did not think I could become a mother, but a miracle happened – December 20, she gave birth to a son.

Source: http://radaronline.com
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