Pamela Anderson: sons in to the modeling business are indifferent

Pamela Anderson (Pamela Anderson) gave a candid interview to W magazine, where he spoke about his sons. Participating in fashion shows, her sons to the modeling are indifferent.

Famous actress and model Pamela Anderson never ceases to amaze the public candid photo shoots in the lustres. The mother of two adult sons in 50 years of looking great .

Of the sons

During a recent photo shoot for the famous glossy W Magazine, Pamela Anderson openly spoke about their sons who have reached certain heights in the fashion world.

Sons of Pamela, 21-year-old Brandon and a 19-year-old Dylan repeatedly became models during the fashion shows and those brands. Guys are very beautiful and popular, but the actress said that for them it is just a hobby.

Do not build career models

“The boys do that for fun. Brandon is an actor, and Dylan is a musician. I never wanted them to have been involved in this industry. They are both very smart and are good students of the universities. They both have great achievements. We just wanted to make sure that they understand that they can do something other than what we did… They’re both making progress, and they are at the age when you can make your choice,” said Anderson about his heirs.

It is worth saying that the actress also admitted that not telling boys how to act. They are old enough to build his own life. There are even moments when the mother does not approve their choice, but not prohibited to do according to the dictates of their heart.

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