Pamela Anderson leaves Hollywood

Fame and popularity came to the Pamela Anderson in America. Actress and model became famous thanks to his participation in the TV series Baywatch, candid photo shoots and calling appearance. Apparently, from the “States” 49-year-old star took everything I could and wanted to, because now she intends to slightly change my life.

Anderson admitted that seriously thinks about how to leave the US and move to a country in Europe.

Pamela considers Britain or France.

Now, what this speaks celebrity: “I suddenly realized that to date, most of my friends moved to France and in Britain, in America they remained much less. So I decided that in the coming year, it’s time for me to realize my longstanding dream to move to Europe . And now actively looking for an apartment in London or Paris…”

Note that in the USA Pamela do nothing. In 2015, she divorced her husband Rick Salomon because now absolutely free and ready for change.

By the way, your hand Anderson will continue to invest in the protection of animals and the environment: “I’m tired of waiting, when governments start taking serious measures to prevent further rapid climate change. And I want to personally convince more people to switch to “green”, i.e. environmentally friendly energy. Because, ultimately, it all depends on the choices made by each of us…”

Source: news.rambler.ru
Photo: news.rambler.ru

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