Pamela Anderson has posed Topless in the new advertising campaign

Julian Assange will love it! American actress Pamela Anderson, star of the popular 90s TV series “Baywatch,” has revealed for the new advertising campaign for lingerie at Coco de Mer. Nearly fifty year old woman is going to have to remain a sex symbol, which it is considered for several decades.

In an interview with People Pamela told how she manages to keep the harmony, and it turned out that Anderson applies not so much effort. Famous blonde goes in for sports in a fun and looking for such forms of exercises that she likes.

“In truth, I’m not wearing yourself out long or hard workout, I love walking on the beach or going to museums. I like the feeling of pleasant fatigue after such excursions. I’m doing a few stretching exercises and resistance. Frequent dancing, especially I like ballet. Once I was in Paris. Then I get a little gutta-percha, more flexible and strong,” Anderson said.

It is noteworthy, that doing sports, Pamela loves to read… Right now, for example, the actress reads “Napoleon and Josephine” in French.
“If I’m in the hall reading a book, I get bored,” says the actress.
After long-term treatment of hepatitis Pamela very carefully monitor their health, and sees the beginning of vegetarianism.

“I think that vegetarianism is the key to my youth, the key to my health. I am constantly working on him,” Anderson said. Diet from Pamela provides for frequent use avocado, grapefruit, cucumber, and celery, and not really a “diet” of hummus, pita bread, rose wine. Instead of coffee, the actress prefers a decaf cappuccino.
Pamela admits that her beautiful appearance is influenced by a romantic relationship with Julian Assange, the Wikileaks founder, who for several years considered an international criminal and who now lives in the Embassy of Ecuador in London. Anderson is confident that Julian is a hero, and soon all will understand it. In a recent interview with Pamela called it “sexy”, but Julian himself is more restrained, and said his frequent guest “attractive and intelligent man”.

Source: http://people.com
Photo: http://people.com

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