Pamela Anderson due to plastics has changed beyond recognition

Throughout her life Pamela Anderson tried to stick to the image that asked myself in the beginning. When we hear the name of this Hollywood star, we have in mind immediately is drawn the image of a Busty blonde with bright makeup and long legs.

But now the former “lifeguard of Malibu” do not know. Anderson’s face changed, as they say, because of the plastic.

The other day Pamela attended a charity evening, hosted by her friend Sean Penn in Los Angeles. The event, which aimed to support victims of the earthquake in Haiti, the actress was accompanied by her son, 20-year-old Brandon Thomas Lee.

The attention of delegates and journalists was riveted on Anderson, and all because it was not to know: Pamela dressed quite restrained, selecting a black evening dress and covering her stunning neckline and shoulders are sheer chiffon with lace inserts. Completed image makeover in bright colours – it Pammy looked so pale that it seemed, or she forgot to put on makeup or not feeling well. However, it is worth saying that skin Anderson was flawless, and from this we can conclude that she must have used some kind of rejuvenating treatments, which changed her radically.

We will remind, not so long ago, 49-year-old Pamela talked about how that is going to change their place of residence. USA Anderson wanted to give up on Europe, after all, there are now living many of her friends: “I suddenly realized that to date, most of my friends moved to France and in Britain, in America they remained much less. So I decided that in the coming year, it’s time for me to realize my longstanding dream to move to Europe . And now actively looking for an apartment in London or Paris.”



Source: segodnya.ua, kp.ru
Photo: segodnya.ua

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