Paintings in British museums was replaced by a forgery for a new TV show

Paintings in British museums was replaced by a forgery for a new TV show

What did not do these TV people in the pursuit of new formats! In Britain, won all made from the museums seven paintings worth several million pounds each, replacing them with fakes. And all to the participants of the new TV show guess, where a fake, and where the original.

When this project participant can be anyone – apart from specialists working in the field of evaluation of works of art.

The project will shoot in July and August, and in the air it will come as much in 2017 on Sky Arts. Participants will be asked to look for the knockoff at the National portrait gallery of Scotland in Edinburgh, the Art gallery of Walker in Liverpool, the National Museum Cardiff in Wales, Manchester art Gallery, Art gallery Guildhall in London.

Everyone will be able to start a search of fakes since Saturday, July 2, personally visiting a gallery or viewing images of paintings from the collections of the mentioned museums in the Internet site Skyartsfake.com.

You know what the paintings were replaced by fakes, are only custodians of museums, film crew and hosts of the show – Giles Coren and specialist in art history rose Balston.

The one who correctly identify the fake, will be able to participate in the final show, which will be held in Osmolovska Museum of art and archaeology in Oxford. And the reward for the winner will be a specially commissioned copy of any selected paintings done by professionals.


Source and photo: mediananny.com