Oxana Fedorova gave his daughter a sweet castle

Oxana Fedorova gave his daughter a sweet castle

The family celebrate in Sochi.

A children TV presenter is the son Fyodor and daughter Elizabeth is the second summer was held in Sochi with his grandmother, and his parents visit them as soon as my work schedule allows. To celebrate the third anniversary of Lisa’s gathered the whole family. “With Fedor, we learned a poem which he rehearsed in secret from the sisters, and the celebration was read into the microphone in front of the guests — said “7D” Fedorov. — Lisa’s favorite fairy Princess, a Mermaid and a cat, so we ordered for the birthday girl a cake in the shape of a Princess castle with three candles, which she blew out the daughter. Lisa loves to help me cook, and we decided to give her baby food with the imitation of the hiss of the pan, cooking hobs with lighting, with the current tap water. Lisa was thrilled!”


Source and photo: 7days.ru