Oseniny September 21: three ritual for good luck and money

The old holidays were often associated with special rites. Knowing what the ritual should be carried out in Oseniny, you will be able to attract into your life wealth and happiness.

Oseniny — a series of holidays that occur every year on 14, 21 and 27 September. In each of these days, people performed rituals to attract desired, especially if it related to money and luck.

September 21 — the most important day of a series of holidays, Attending. Before this time people were finishing the harvest, preparing for winter and the holiday itself had been convened by the guests and a rich table. But, like any other national holiday, Oseniny passed without certain rituals by which the people were attracted by the luck, love, health and money. You can follow the example of their ancestors and also to try to attract luck and prosperity.

How to attract money and good fortune in Oseniny

The rite of apples. Oseniny — the feast of harvest. Collect the fruits that presented the Earth after summer work on the garden began on September 21. And, of course, the fruits attached sacred value, so I used them in ceremonies.

Collected in the first Oseniny — that is, September 14 — apples, you must choose 21, trying to select the most beautiful. After that, they need to be washed, saying:

“I like these apples wash away the dirt and the poverty will wash away”.

Then apples to give to the poor.

If you are not able to collect apples from your garden, then you can buy them. However, it is impossible to take delivery.

The rite of water. September 21 celebrated the second Oseniny. Along with this holiday is celebrated the Nativity of the virgin. It was believed that on this day, all around endowed with divine power. The special properties attributed to the water.

On the evening of 21 September you need to a dip in the river or pond. If the weather is unsuitable, you can perform this ritual at home. While bathing say:

“In the divine water, all the failures washed away. Water with me, slave(s) of God (name), drains, all the troubles and misfortunes with me carries”.

That the ritual brought quick results, after that until the morning don’t talk to anyone. It is advisable to go to bed.

The rite of the candle. Many rituals connected with candles. Our ancestors used fire in rituals of love, luck and money. It was thought that a candle flame has the highest power in the rituals for getting what you want.

After attending the second started work in the huts. Fire has long attached special importance, and the ceremonies they performed with a candle, was considered the most effective at this time.

To hold the rite on the money with the help of candles, you will need a clay bowl and a piece of paper on which you write whatever you want to. Light the candle and place it in a bowl. Then say:

“The faster my desires to ashes turn, the more likely life is embodied”.

Then burn the paper on which is written your desires, and all that remains, bury in my backyard. Over time, your desires will eventually be fulfilled.

Many rituals come to us from the times of ancient Rus and checked against the experience of our ancestors. Try to hold one of the ceremonies offered to you by the experts of the website dailyhoro.ru and perhaps you will be able to improve your financial situation and bring good luck. Let your desires be fulfilled