Oscar Isaac will play in the new Steven Spielberg film

Oscar Isaac will play in the new Steven Spielberg film

Steven Spielberg starts with a religious-historical drama in early 2017.

Oscar Isaac will play with mark Rylance in the religious-historical drama by Steven Spielberg’s “the Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara” (The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara), according to exclusive sources to Variety of the website.

The project was interested in Maestro Spielberg after he got acquainted with the script by Tony Kushner. For the Director and screenwriter is the third film collaboration after “Munich” and “Lincoln.” The plot is based on the eponymous book David Kertzer that tells the story of a Catholic priest of Jewish blood Edgardo Mortara. In 1858, when he was six years old, Edgardo was separated from her family. By order of Pope Pius IX, prohibiting Jews to educate Christian children, little Edgardo was taken from parents when the police became aware that the maid secretly baptized the boy. Jewish organizations campaigned for the return of the child to the family, but Pius IX allowed only Dating and not alone. Edgardo grew up and was ordained a priest and never returned home.

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The shooting of “the Abduction…” will start early next year, once Spielberg finished working on science fiction “the First player to be ready.” Mark Rylance got the image of Pius IX. Isaac, presumably, went to the role of the protagonist Mortary.


Source and photo: kinomania.ru