Orlando bloom spotted with a stranger

This is the home wrecker? Only today it became known about the breakup of Hollywood actor Orlando bloom and American singer Katy Perry, as the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” is already seen in the company of an unknown girl.

The actor and an unidentified brunette was spotted outside the restaurant where he dined. Is it the cause of the breakup of celebrities is still unknown. In fact, the official statement on the breakup was not reported.
Recall that the pair broke up because of the unwillingness of bloom for a serious relationship and marriage. The reason could be a recent interview with Perry in which she told how wants to start a family and dreams about children. Perhaps, it was decisive in the relationships of the couples – the media the next day trumpeted about the wedding plans, and Katie Orlando.
Insiders claim that Orlando even before Halloween told friends that his relationship with Perry is encumbered him, and that he is going to finish. Surrounded by Katie claim that the initiator of the break was exactly it. Allegedly, the singer realized that they had outgrown such immature relationship, and that each of them is time to move on.

Source: http://radaronline.com
Photo: http://radaronline.com

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