One of the greatest rock musicians admitted that they have lung cancer


Ronnie wood, who gained fame as guitarist in the legendary band The Rolling Stones, said he has lung cancer. For a long time, he concealed his diagnosis, which showed the presence of his problems with cancer.

Ronnie wood, who is now 70 years old, three months ago had a routine examination in medical institution. He was identified with lung cancer. He decided to hide this fact from all others, in addition to his 39-year-old wife Sally Humphreys. His disease was known only to it and the doctors.
According to the musician, The Rolling Stones, all this time he felt like hell and didn’t want to know about my problems anyone else that they should not have experienced the same.
For myself, the guitarist decided not to agree to chemotherapy if the tumor won’t grow. He said he prepared for the worst news, but kept the faith that all will be well.