On the TV channel “Ukraine” will be the premiere of the film “Generation Yantar”

On the TV channel “Ukraine” will be the premiere of the film “Generation Yantar”

On Saturday, July 16, at 19:45 on TV channel “Ukraine” will premiere author of a documentary film “Generation Yantar. The author of the project – Irina Kabluchko.

Amber rush overwhelmed the inhabitants of the Northern part of our country. People illegally mined stones non-stop, risking their lives, break laws, and destroy and destroy nature.

The desire to make money absorbed even children. Their minds turned amber fever. They don’t dream of becoming famous athletes, programmers or scientists. All he wants local younger generation, is to organize a team and buy a pump for the extraction “a solar stone”.

Work on “Klondike” brings children not only quick money but also disease. Extracting semi-precious stones in difficult and dangerous conditions, they risk their health and sometimes life.

Irina Kabluchko, author of the documentary film, “These children live in a parallel world. The jokes they have about amber, a song about amber, in notebooks they draw amber. Stone has enslaved their minds. Everyone is talking only about how much money the state loses, and no one is saying that the Ukrainian people loses its future! Our nation is dying, almost everywhere negative birth rate. Polesie is the only region that is the demographic barns for Ukraine. But as it turned out, that this “barn” turned into a criminal Republic?”

What new social phenomenon will open the film? Why, instead of going to school, the children go to get amber? And what is actually happening in Polissia forests? The answers to these and many other questions in a unique documentary project, “Generation of amber”.


Source and photo: kanalukraina.tv