On “the First channel” Galkin and that’s made a rap battle

Filming the premiere episode of her TV show “Tonight”, which will be held on First channel on Saturday, the presenter Maxim Galkin has decided to face off with the rapper Basta. And in a genre that is closest to Vasily Vakulenko.


The rap battle has become a kind of improvisation with the filing Galkina and, most likely, will not be cut from the show. Co-host of Maxim actress Yulia Menshova was clearly rooting for his colleague and for good reason. The General view was that impersonator looked “site” Basta absolutely organic. His lyrics were thinner. I must say that your punchline rivals wrote that is called, on a knee, in between shots, so both parties looked at the screens of their smartphones.

Galkin in his text Vakulenko reported that, as a parodist wanted to portray rapper and all of a sudden his dream came true. In turn, that’s that, as usual, responded by being indiscreet in mentioning the phrase “Maxim Alkin”. The first edition of the show will be dedicated to the sixth season of the competition “the Voice”, so in the shooting was also attended by the coaches of previous seasons and their winners.