On the body of Kotelnikovo found bruising from injections

The daughter of a famous tennis player, model Ales Kafelnikov has published some pictures from a holiday in Montenegro in a swimsuit. On the girl’s body careful users found the needle marks, which indirectly confirms the version about her addiction to drugs.


Epic Alesya Kafelnikov and her history of drug proceeds. The reason for that was the model itself, which published his account in Instagram holiday pictures. On candid photos in which a girl posing in the beach body and bathing suit, you can see that her legs are literally covered in bruises. Users almost unanimously believe that the marks from drug injections, and that Yevgeny Kafelnikov was right when he wrote about addiction daughter.

In its comments to the photos Internet users admire the beauty of the girl, but blamed her for failing, which led Kafelnikov (in their opinion) to drugs. Haters model, sure it pushed the star status of the father and the permissiveness that is common to many children of celebrities.

As for the tennis player, it through Twitter tries to make up with Alesya, who stopped to talk to him after his tweets about drugs. Eugene on his page says that this is the fault of both of them, and he will love her always no matter what. Kafelnikov did not meet the father, thus denying the pernicious and fatal habit, claiming to not consume any illegal drugs, especially not prickly.