On stage at Olga Buzova attacked by a bully

Recently Olga Buzova experienced real horror when during her performance in Dubai, she was attacked by an unknown man and tried to pull out at Buzova microphone.

This incident Olga told the fans in his Instagram by posting a video, which depicted the time of the attack. Under the video, the presenter expressed thoughts about the actions of men: “to be honest, I wouldn’t want to advertise it and to comment on the incident yesterday at the concert in the first place, so as not to upset my loved ones, my family…but, unfortunately, the media can not hide anything. Maybe it’s for the best. I do not want to spend your time describing the feelings that I still experience. I hate that these men (of course, if you can call them that) is. I’m afraid that at the present time, to raise a hand to the girl – becomes possible. I feel bad just thinking that stranger to me, for some whatsoever reason, allows himself to push, kick and lash out at me. For me the concept of the word “man” at least involves virtue. To pounce on a helpless girl during a speech is not worthy. I really want to believe that these “bad people” not so much…but still, it’s really scary. What is happening to this world? With people? Why the anger and hatred began to overflow heart? Why true value left on the back burner? And why are people who are proud to wear the title of “men” are so easily parted, and turn into animals? I’m scared.”

By the way, did you notice that on the record of the incident, you notice that the singing Buzova in the time of the attack does not stop. Perhaps that is why many users even praised the man, clearly demonstrates that Olga tune.