On Masha Rasputin was assassinated

Masha Rasputina is one of the brightest stars of domestic stage. Obviously, in the past, the success of this singer did not allow to live quietly to its competitors, because they decided to remove it. Literally! On Rasputin was assassinated, which she still remembers with a shiver in his voice.

For Masha terrible events occurred in 1992, during her tour near Chelyabinsk.

The singer tried to shoot, but the attempt was unsuccessful. The Masha was not a scratch: “I was shot! But who did it was never found. I reacted to this incident philosophically. All God’s Providence. – It’s my time. God alone knows who and when to pick up. By the way, shortly before this incident I had a dream: I look in the mirror and see his beautiful forehead, and it does not star burns, and the hole and smoke! Of course, I don’t understand what the dream. And soon happened the attempt!”

After Rasputin a few years was active in touring, but with the birth of his daughter, the singer decided it was time in my life to change things and place other priorities: “the Spectator I was never let go and always demanded that I came back to the tour”. Rasputin says that her return to the big stage will be held later, because she wants to experience again the sense of freedom: “In life I’m not free and there are free and liberated. The spirit of the scene and the cause to which I devoted most of my life, I won’t let go.”


Source: dni.ru
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