Olya Polyakova was brought to tears Eugene Mishka


Singer Olya Polyakova became the host of a new entertainment TV show Zoran AICA, which suits the star battles. In the first program – Nastya “MamaRika” against Sergei Sereda, Ksenia vs Eugene Mishka, Tonya Matvienko, Arsen Mirzoyan against. Olya Polyakova offered to check, who knows better than your mate.

The contest is called Poker face, host provided an opportunity for men to visit the “skin” of a woman and learn all the “charms” waxing. For starters, characters dressed in bathrobes and pasted on foot wax strips, after which the leading alternately came and blew them away.

“You need facial expressions, for advanced pupils, perspiration on the forehead, bursting blood vessels in her eyes to guess who the real strip, and who – not”, – explained the rules to spouses star Olya Polyakova.

As the star men were not trying to look convincing – Sergei Sereda was screaming and indignant, and Eugene Mishka and Arsen Mirzoyan even from all the crying.