Olivia Wilde brings a two year old son a feminist

Hollywood, and the whole world is obsessed with issues of equality. Commitment to providing equal working conditions for women and men, equal pay and equal their identification in the society – that is the dream of many feminists of our time.

While adult uncles and aunts trying to adapt the world to explain that equality is not so bad, actress Olivia Wilde decided from the very cradle to explain to their children that the rights and freedoms of all must be identical.

In particular, his two year old son Otis, whom she bore in a marriage with Jason Sudeikis, star of “Tron” already explains the essence of feminism.

“I like to think he’s a little feminist. And this is indeed the case. I stick to the idea that the essence of feminism is equality of the sexes, and children learn it is not so difficult because they are born with this feeling. Only becoming older, they learn to divide people and to appreciate some more, others less,” — said recently the wild.

Yesterday, for the same equality was the actress Kate beckinsale, however, she did it in a highly original way. On Twitter she posted a photo where he was dressed in a large inflatable penis.

Source: popcornnews.ru
Photo: spletnik.ru

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