Olga Seryabkina is not against homosexual love

In his account instagram, the member of the group “Silver” haired Olga Seryabkina put a Topless picture of hugs colleague Catherine Kischuk. She urged his followers to be loyal to people who choose to partner people of the same sex. About why she wrote the whole essay.

Olga told the fans that decided the sex of the partners. Its representatives are men, but she does not condemn those who choose partners of people of the same sex. The girl supports freedom in the relationship, which is now no one is afraid to speak openly. In the same way and she wrote a long monologue under erotic photography,where he expressed his point of view.

“I am for freedom in all its manifestations. In the relationship. Emotions. And in love. Have noticed a theme that many now speak openly about their orientation.” begins his message with Olga. “First and foremost, they are honest with themselves. Because it means to be free inside, to breathe deeply and look them in the eyes, looking away… the Internet is full of different videos in which boys and girls tell why they like people of their same sex. Share stories of how they found themselves, and when it happened, why they no longer are afraid to speak openly about it. And I really think that these people are heroes!” shares his opinion of the soloist of group “Silver”.

Olga did not deny that she had the experience of same-sex relationships, which she wrote in her book. “They did not hesitate to declare that their love is the same as everyone else, was real and sincere. I have always respected and will respect those who are not afraid of any gossip and don’t depend on other people’s opinions. Even if they live in a country where it can at least not understand. Can’t say that imagine yourself in their place…despite my own experience. Those who have read my book, you know what it is about) But I in their preferences decided a long time).”

“I just want to say that love does not distinguish gender or appearance, and especially not subject to someone’s opinion. It is comprehensive. People just need each other. I want everyone to understand this… Even those who with me disagree. I’m curious to know how you feel about it. How to respond to public recognition about this? And maybe you have a story about how you or someone you know once told his parents or friends about his love. Please share! And it is not necessary to mark them… I’m really interested to read about it. Because with me you can be as open and nothing to be ashamed of. I’m with you is this.And still… love. All” appealed to his fans Olga.

At this time, the producer of the group Maxim Fadeev reflects on the fate of the “Silver” where the girls now play together. These circumstances clearly brought the two girls.

Source: ru.hellomagazine.com
Photo: www.instagram.com

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