Olga Seryabkina is in search of a new lover

The soloist of group “Silver” Olga Seryabkina not often told about his personal life. Fans of the singer believe that she is now in search of a new lover.


Olga Seryabkina tweeted the photo, which I have talked about how to decided on a little change of image: colored some strands in bright blue and purple colors. At the end she added the hashtag “new love”, which aroused the suspicions of fans. Many of them became convinced that Olga is in search of a new relationship. About it they wrote it in the comments: “are You looking for a new love? Is a strange hashtag. I thought you Fadeyev…”, “I’m Sure you’re looking for a new love now. Can help. My brother is in love with you and it is very beautiful.”

Long ago there were rumors that she was having an affair with the singer Irakli, but nothing is confirmed. A couple of months ago the fans started talking about love between Olga and rapper Occimiano, but it turned out that the artists are just friends. So fans of girls are left wondering whether occupied her heart.