Olga Seryabkina captivated fans sexual way

Member of the group “Silver”, Olga Seryabkina, shared with fans of the seductive photo, which asked them: “question of the day… rain or snow?”

In the photo the singer sits on the back of the sofa, she’s wearing a short black skirt and sheer top. Olga stares piercingly into the camera, her expressive eyes accentuated by dark makeup.

For half an hour the picture has collected about 40 thousand likes. Fans like sexy photo of their pet and wrote comments expressing their admiration of what he saw: “What chic”, “my God, my God, You’re beautiful,” “Sweetie!”, “My God, incredible!”, “Screw it, when this chest photo”, “Fucking Olya, you’re too hot”, “the Rain? If only your photo”, “you’re cool”, “Magic”, “Ol! The main thing is good mood!”, “In shoes on the couch, ill-mannered…”, “Very stylish!”.