“Olga” series of the new season, September 4: where to watch the first series online, description

The series “Olga”, which airs on TNT, has been so successful in the first season that its creators without hesitation went for a second season, noting that they will take the third.

In the story, as we remember Olga is a good, kind woman, who is raising two children, a boy and a girl. The girl sharply grown-up, muddies the relationship with Andrew, reckless kid from the back yard, Andrew a cheeky guy who enjoys authority among their peers. Her second child – Timur, who feels Caucasian blood and wants to be bold and nimble. Wait for the second season of the show Olga and you don’t miss anything.

Note that the first season was released in 2016. The creators were confident that the series will become very popular and thus began to shoot the second season. It has been exactly a year since the premiere of the first season of “Olga.” The fans hope that the second season will be as funny and amusing. Yana Troyanova will not disappoint his fans.

What will happen in season 2? Relationships of Olga and Grisha move on to a new stage where they will need to learn to yield to each other. Meanwhile, Anya and Andrew are preparing for the wedding, but their mother advises. Tim has matured and is beginning to face problems of communication with their classmates. She is determined to find his place in life, and jürgen does not want to quit drinking.

It is worth to focus on the fact that now, every day we will enjoy one series of the story of the woman surrounded by not very competent people, however, this fact does not bother her and she is living large. Today is an exception and we will be able to watch two series, about the contents which are discussed in our description.

Early in the morning Olga and Gregory begin to find out relationships, they have long lived in the same house, but the man began to insist, that their relationship has reached a new level, as he was tired of standing in one place. Anya will soon become a mother and a very proud young man who yesterday was a simple mugger, and today works for the Deputy. Lena met on the Internet with some con with Maxim and with the joy of communicating with this person on a regular basis, not hiding the fact that this is their virtual romance.

Jürgen finally said goodbye to the doctors and claims that he has lost the desire to drink, but the man’s behavior leaves much to be desired. Timothy noticed the strangeness from his grandfather and began to follow him. Well, all the details, see the Olga show on TNT season 2 of the 1.2 series for 4 September 2017. Online to watch the latest series on the official website of TNT or on TV.

In the second part of the series will be 20 episodes. The third season will be released in 2018.