Olga Rapunzel will share useful information with podeschi

I learned a lot. Don’t understand what happens to participants in a Clearing! I was bullied, natural herbs! Even mother Tats against me, not realizing that this situation could be it! We mothers have to stick together, because we are special, chosen, no one has the right to go against his mother!
Well that you, my dear subscribers, understand it and support me as I can. Please, let’s never discuss this embittered domovskou society, and talk about really important things. So girls, remember, I recently learned what that means what time you can get pregnant, etc.? And I decided that I’m going to share devochkoi useful information with you. I’m sure you it will also be useful. Especially since I have it very much (I as a future mother needs to know everything!).
I do a lot of sitting on the websites for beremenye and mothers, and there here I read that women in this interesting position, as I can not be nervous because nerves can get out all sorts of problems and ills including “feminine”, for example, probably it can trigger dysbiosis in the intimate area, God forbid, of course! And health in the (intimate) area is extremely important not only for mom but for baby. So we moms must be all-knowing about it! Moms and future moms, consult with experts and take care about your health.

And I hope that the situation with respect to my project all the same will change for the better. My health and the baby’s health is the most precious thing I have! I will continue to share my observations with you and the “little discoveries”, and you then like and comment so I know you have some feedback, OK? Well, wait for my next informative blog.