Olga Rapunzel was confused in terms of your pregnancy

For example, almost from the generally accepted account of pregnancy in weeks, Olya, why do you think your period in months and still has not published the results of an ultrasound. Moreover, with some estimates of viewers revealed that the alleged Rapunzel a period of six months can not meet the actual situation, the site says life-dom2.su.

Considering that the girl returned to the project 2 months ago, and another 2 held the perimeter, and left pregnant, now she has a little more than 4 months of pregnancy. As a result, the address of Olga once again showered with criticism and reproaches for what she can lie about their child.

“That’s what so weird about this Rapunzel? Troll it all”, “not pregnant she’s not pregnant… Look at pregnant women, they face changed, and she has not changed at all” – wrote the fans of “House 2”.