Olga Rapunzel touched after the ultrasound

Despite the fact that the network already has a sufficient number of rumors about the pregnancy of Olga, and the girl herself makes a clear reference, still she did not make a formal recognition of this. Recently, however, Rapunzel decided to answer the audience questions in one of his posts, says website life-dom2.su.

According to ex-member of telestroke, she actually is expecting a baby, but not yet ready to name any gestational age, nor the sex of the baby. But my feelings on this occasion she said very willingly. The girl was unable to restrain his emotions and burst into tears after the first ultrasound.

“Can’t see anything, and all the time the stomach rests , and transport probably requires to give way”, “If you really are pregnant, then God bless the kid” – he wrote to fans of telestroke.