Olga Rapunzel told the truth about his wife

In addition, the guys are trying to convince the audience that their relationship is fine, showing the idyll in relations, from which, however, stalling the experience. So, the girl quite often published pictures, which she with Dima looked happy, while making a clear reference to his “interesting position”. However, at the moment her stories about the happy life can not withstand scrutiny, says the website life-dom2.su.

The Rapunzel was unable to keep the secret and told about the realities of their joint with Dima life. Live from a hotel room Olga told about how the husband abused, threatened and even beat her all the time that they were married. The last straw for the girls was the situation when for two days Dimitrenko would not let her sleep and in a fit of rage almost strangled.

“Another delusion from brands! Pushing himself decided so. Maybe someone will give alms! They are always people pity take! Do not believe a single word, it is the same nonsense with the divorce as their very expensive housing! Live modestly, but I think not for long!” – expressed his opinion the fans of “House 2”.