Olga Rapunzel threatened the offenders by the police

So, during the next communicate with online followers, she decided to raise the issue of attacks on her and Dima Dmitrenko from former participants of the reality show. According to Rapunzel, Ivan Barzakov, Ilya Yabbarov and Alexander Gosias quite often allow myself to “pour dirt” during its live broadcasts, the website life-dom2.su.

And although evil Olga, at least with her, she is not holding, it will have to go to the police if the attacks will not stop. However, Bursikova Jabbarova and turned out to not care about the threat of the couple. On the contrary, both are very determined and even in court going to speak frankly about the shameful past Rapunzel and her lover.

“Well, in my opinion, they are to each other. Those at the time, “declared itself” that the other, and now I can’t decide between issues” – said the fans telestroke.