Olga Rapunzel returns to the project

However, as it turned out, the problem with the property search was not very serious and the main. Just a few days ago revealed the details of their communication after leaving the “House 2”. It turned out that all is not perfect communication, which she tried to hint to her followers, was a bluff, the website life-dom2.su.

Problems in their pair did not disappear, but rather become more serious. Their relationship grew into hard fights, recriminations, and suspicions of infidelity, the end result of which was the parting of the guys. Moreover, having the status of freestyle ladies, Olga first thing decided to return to the Perimeter.

“A pregnant to build love? Or Dima behind a free sausage will be secured?”, “That they wanted in my opinion, its a circus.. wonder if will meet again, will sit on the project” – the audience wrote “House 2”.